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Humans suffered greatly from widespread poverty, and were dying from starvation and disease, especially during the time of the Bengal famine, so animals did not rate highly in the need for care, so sometimes Justine was provoked into direct action.

 The buffaloes

'I was appalled to see the driver of the cart shouting at two very large water buffaloes, as he lashed them savagely with his whip.  Frothing at their mouths, they were in a state of extreme exhaustion and it was obvious that they could go no further, so I rushed out, grabbed his whip and threatened him with it. He was so startled, that he ran away leaving me with his cart and the two buffaloes in the middle of the road…….’

 The horse

'One day when I heard someone shouting loudly…I saw a man whipping a horse which had stopped as it was unable to go any further… One of its legs were so swollen and badly infected that it was impossible to bear any weight on it.  I ran over to the cart and ordered him to get off and un-harness the horse…he refused and proceeded to give me excuses…This made me so angry that I grabbed his whip and hit him with it. He was so scared that…he ran away, leaving me to deal with the horse and cart alone in the midst of very heavy traffic …………….'