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 Mother Teresa.

'Almost everyone knows about this wonderful person who cared for the destitute, sick and dying from the streets of Calcutta.   Before she was constrained to do this labour of love, she was a young teacher at the convent up in the mountains of the Himalayas, where Justine was a pupil as a very young child. In the early days when she first commenced this work, she and her helpers were known as 'Sisters of the Poor'. During the time I lived in Calcutta, you would often see her and her helpers, always dressed in immaculate white cotton saris with blue borders, going about their wonderful work amongst these poor people in the bazars and back streets of the city.'

 Mahatma Gandhi         

'In this book, there is a great deal about this amazing and unusual man.  Firstly, because he was responsible for finally ending the strife between the Hindus and Muslims in that great city of Calcutta that was my home. Secondly, because my father was highly esteemed by him, to the extent that Gandhi chose him as the only European, to join his Peace Committee. During this time when he spent much time in consultation with him, my father grew to love and honour him. He told me how he was astounded at the great wisdom and knowledge of this unimposing but great man, and was shocked and devastated when he was assassinated. He travelled from Calcutta to Delhi to attend his funeral.'